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Parents Corner

Welcome to the Parents Corner here you can find out what topics your children will be covering this school year, view the Latest Newsletter and much more.

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In order to help save the environment and keep our costs down from September 2010 we are no longer going to issue Welcome Booklets automatically, you are able to download a copy from the link below however if you require a paper copy please let us know.

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Learning through Play

Dear parents/careers, when your child starts nursery we tell you that our children learn through play. We plan to follow their interests and hopefully develop play activities that stimulate and encourage all of the above. We thought you might like to know what your children are learning whilst they are playing! All of these achievements prepare children for school and for life.

Through play children:

  • acquire knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes in a meaningful context;
  • make informed choices and become confident independent learners;
  • Work at their own pace in a non – competitive environment;
  • learn how to express and deal with their emotions and behavior appropriately;
  • begin to shape their attitudes and make sense of the world;
  • gain in self esteem and develop a sense of personal identity;
  • grow, develop and change;
  • increase their ability to understand and use language effectively.

Play fosters positive attitudes to learning so that children can:
Elaborate, Extend. Predict, Co –operate. Share. Communicate. Negotiate. Reflect. Be motivated. Show emotions.
Imagine. Question.  Practice. Explore. Experiment. Investigate. Draw conclusions. Persevere. Consolidate. Concentrate.

View the Learning through Play Poem Here

Moving to School from Little Saints

This transition can be made very stressful for parents and children. Please remember that we work very hard to prepare the children for school, and although your child may be very young, school should still be a fun place to be.
The main difference between nursery and school is the reduction in the number of staff working with the children. The children we send to school are used to sitting quietly and listening to an adult talk. We try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. It is sometimes better not to talk about going to school until nearer the time and let your child enjoy their last weeks at nursery without the worry of school.
It might be a good idea to allow your child time to learn to put their pumps at home; dress themselves and also make sure they can use the toilet by themselves.
If you have any concerns please let us know and we will try to put your mind at rest. This should be an exciting and fun time for the children.  We will be having some visits from the reception class teachers before the end of term. If your child is not attending All Saints; we would still welcome a visit from their new teacher.